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Tipping Guide for All-Inclusive Resorts

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

We get asked all the much should I tip? Who should I tip? Tipping is always optional, but here are some general guidelines on average tipping amounts.

  • Bellman at your resort: $2-3 per bag, depending on the distance

  • Housekeeping: $2-5 per day

  • Room Service: $2-5 depending on how complicated the order is

  • Transportation to your resort: $2 per bag

  • Buffet Dining: $2-3 per table

  • Waitstaff/Ala-carte dining: $5-10 per couple

  • Waiters at the pool and beach: $1-2 per round or every other round

  • Tour guide: $5-10 per couple, depending on how long the tour is

  • Bartenders: $1-2 per round

  • Spa Treatments: 15-20%


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